Gloat about your oat

In this post I want to talk about one of my favourite new ingredients and also a couple of my favourite things to do with it.

Oat milk is a growing product in the UK as a substitute for cow milk. I see a lot of soy milk (which by the way I think is fairly unpleasant) and a lot of almond milk. Almond milk is nice but only if you want something to taste of almond right?

Oat milk is delicious in my opinion in its own right. A light taste of oat which really works.

Another thing, it can produce a delicious flat white coffee. So, there is hope for people who like long coffees but don’t want the milk.

This is the great flat white I had in Gothenburg.


In Sweden they are miles ahead in this area and it is used fairly commonly, particularly in Malmo where the brand ‘Oatly’ are based. For me is the best brand of Oat milk. You can get this is most of the major UK supermarkets now.


Bircher Muesli is a delicious fancy bowl of cereal that needs a bit of thinking ahead. Also known as overnight oats. Raymond Blanc uses Oat milk instead of cow milk with apple juice and yogurt to finish. Ive made it many times and its delicious.

My other oat milk recipe… Chocolate milk! And I don’t make this properly…  I get myself some nesquik!!


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