Taste of Timsbury Food Festival

A small festival with a big heart.

In an old mining village just outside of Bath a revolution could be happening. One Saturday a year the village goes food mad.  It appears the whole village turns out looking for great food. It has a lovely vibe.

I met Deborah Griffin whilst I was setting up for my demo with the cardiologists kitchen. This is somebody with real passion I thought.

With great local people, with I’ve worked with before I thought a great day was had by all. From coffee and cake from the Connies to curries from Bini Ludlow and many new friends I made.

I have lived in Timsbury for a few years now. The Connies tea room is one of my favourite places to grab a cappuccino and try to save the world. Alex and Sarah have made a lovely place and if you live locally and haven’t been, you really should.

The local Seven Stars pub is also pretty good these days. Truth be told it has been pretty unwelcoming for most of the time I’ve lived here. Too much of a laddy heavy drinking spot for me but Rich has really turned it around and I like a pint in there now. Job done.

So, whats next for Taste of Timsbury and what is the legacy of the festival. I look forward to finding out and I think I might just get involved.


Check out my friends in Timsbury

The Connies


Bini Ludlow




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