Top Tips for a Pasta Party

With my first half marathon of the year coming up in not much more than a week, I wanted to put out my top tips for that ideal pre-run dinner.

The pre-run dinner is an important meal. The logic to eating a good bowl of  pasta is simple. It releases slow carbohydrates that will put you at the best the next morning.

My Top Tips!

Wholewheat is always better

Plain and simple. Its a little heavier on the pallet but you get more balanced nutrients from it.

Don’t use cream, get some greens

Not because it nearly rhymes but because they pump you up with vitamins. Cream is a bad idea because its high in fat and takes time to digest so could hinder you the next day. If you like it saucy, go tomato!

Don’t eat a massive portion, or anything new

There is a temptation to load too far on the carbs. Yes, eat a big portion but not 3 for example. Also, don’t eat anything new. Don’t use this meal as a chance to try some new ingredient you’ve always wanted to try, it might upset your stomach or take longer to digest. The key is to make sure you have fully digested everything by the morning of the run.

Make it gastronomic, just because

Last but definitely not least, make it delicious. Indulge in it the night before a race. It can help you relax. You wont gain much from just boiling a mix of super foods and eating it dry and unseasoned with pasta. If anything, it will have a negative effect because it might confuse your guts as i’m sure you don’t eat like that normally.



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