Its Great British Beef Week so I started thinking about meat, I want you to as well!

So what do you do when faced with the following statement from your brother in the pub;

“There is no meal that couldn’t be bettered with the addition of meat”

Well being me, you immediately think of the loop hole as a joke, and say

“Apple Crumble”

But even as I say it I can break it down, knowing that to him, a savoury version with a pork chop would indeed be better! Plus, I don’t think that proves the point I wanted to make which was that Vegetarian food was wonderful.

So I took the challenge away with me,

Now for me, i found this easy; a bowl of coconut milk dahl with flatbread. The last thing I would want to do would be to pop some chicken on top, but I know he would prefer that and it would be a good thing!

My only thought to him on the night was ‘mac and cheese’, his response, ‘bacon’, good call… damm

So the next day it really got me thinking about vegetarian food. It is easy to go all foodie here and simply start to quote dishes from the south of india or middle eastern culture, but that only tackles how I would find those dishes, I wanted to look at the food scene here and my brothers carnivorous taste buds, to answer this question.

I googled it! The top offering was from the telegraph

The food sounds great but nothing to convince my brother, a veggie burger, come on!

This got me more thinking and how I wanted to write about the british obsession with Vegetarian food being a way of making meat substitutes! Chicken style fillets, or using falafel as a direct way to replace a beef patty. I even saw chorizo style quorn the other day, which really interested me, surely paprika and garlic would have been fine, that’s what it is! This is a subject im sure i will write about again.

I spoke to him about some dishes below and also went away to see if our conversation would make him think more about meat free food

A warming bowl of roasted tomato soup?

Roasted mushrooms on toast with creme fraiche?

Boiled egg and soldiers?

Before I did anything I asked Twitter;

I will get these ideas to him and be back with some ideas

So back in December I had this conversation. It is now April 2017 and I have been brought back to this not how I expected.

I watched ‘Cowspiracy’ by Kip Anderson. If even a few of the stats they threw out are true then this is terrifying. He talked about environmental charities ignoring the fact that it is rearing livestock that is causing global warming and not burning fossil fuels. He went as far as saying that if we stopped burning any fossil fuels we would still not be able to meeting emissions targets!

It takes 100 parts of grain, for 1 part meat, how is that sustainable?

Now, let me be clear, I am a food writer, not a scientist or environmentalist so for all I know this is all lies but it has really made me think.

I don’t eat supermarket meat. In my mind, eating only meat that I know has been looked after is enough, is it?

I know my suppliers, but lets get this straight, in my job, I buy a lot of meat. I just ordered 6 lamb legs for Easter Sunday, how does that make me feel?

Should I be thinking more about eating meat? Why am I thinking more and more about this, why am I eating almost no meat at home? I like the challenge of cooking without it. It is cheaper, it is lighter, fresher etc.

Then, could I kill an animal, could you?

I wanted to ask a range of meat eaters the same question to see what answers I might get…

Do you think we should eat less or no meat at all? yes/no? why?

Tom Bowles? farmer

georgia – lamb farmer

Col? – classic meat eater

Dad? – scientist/environmentalist

Gary – Chef

Steve – aussie


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