Pork Chop Sandwich

Have you ever read ‘Kitchen confidential’ by Anthony Bourdain? If not, you should, its a good read!

On Netflix, you can now watch his TV shows. ‘A cooks tour’ is great and i have been watching ‘The Layover’ over the past few weeks.

When he was in Chicago, one thing jumped out at me. Either before or after you watch a baseball game you go and get a pork chop sandwich. I compare it to a pie when watching Bath play rugby.

I have made similar things at home with pork steaks. It can be a bit chewy but ultimately a great comfort food. This takes it a whole step further because the bone is left in. I had to make it, so i did!

Serves 1

You will need

A pork chop

some bread

I wouldn’t call this a recipe. I roasted my pork chop and served it in some focaccia and some caper mayonnaise, but you can do whatever you like best. A good brioche roll and some mustard would be most traditional to the Chicago original!


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