Breton Gallettes for Pancake day

What is pancake day to you?

To me its a chance to go back to happy memories of visiting a creparie in Brittany. One savory, one sweet and a few mugs of fizzy vibrant cider.

In Brittany the savory crepe is refereed to as a gallette and is made from Buckwheat flour (farine de sarrasin) or a mix of buckwheat flour and a stronger gluten white flour.

In Bristol there is a wonderful chap called Cristophe who if I remember correctly used to travel to France to get the flour and had a really complicated recipe for the batter. He has a food van and traveled around Bristol. I have a memories of cold winter mornings in kings park eating galletes and drinking coffee. You can still find him at food markets in Bristol now.

Over the last 5 years or so I’ve played around with recipes but here is the one I now stick to.

Mix 500g of buckwheat flour with 1 litre of cold water & 2 eggs. Mix vigorously and  then cover and set aside.

You can then use this just as you would your English pancake batter.

What I like to do is to make the gallette first and then set it aside to cool. You could make up a whole load. From here put your oven on about 170oc. Now layer a piece of ham in the middle and grate your favorite cheese on. Gruyere or Conte are by far the best but i really like to use Emmental as it gives a nice nutty flavour. Crack an egg on top and then pop it in the oven until the egg has cooked to your liking. You now have yourself a gallette ‘complete’, the king of the gallette!


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