Duck Leg & Leek Ramen

Could Ramen be the best dish in the world…?

I know it is mine at the moment!

My fascination with Ramen started only a couple of years ago after a trip to Sticks and Broth in Bristol

From there I have tried a whole lot and have now started to make my own. The beauty of it is that there is essentially no rules… My only essentials are an amazing stock, some kind of noodles and well id say soy sauce.

Here is my best so far, its using duck legs which to me seem perfect for a good ramen.

You will need to visit a good oriental food shop but you can find them all over the place now!

For the stock…

2 Duck legs

thumb size  piece of ginger

a couple of leeks (baby leeks if possible)

head of garlic

1 onion

1 red chilli

sprinkling of fenegreek & anise seeds

Roughly chop all of the ingredients (except the duck of course) and cover with water and cook for a few hours on a really low heat, creating a really gentle bubble.

Set the duck legs aside and strain the stock through a sieve. If you have the time then leaving this over night in the fridge is best. This way you can simply let the fat set on the top and then remove. Keep it though as lots of fun stuff to be done with duck fat. Roast potatoes are a good start! Otherwise, you can skim the fat from the top. Don’t remove all the fat, a little left in will add a lovely richness to the broth.

So from here you need to lift up the broth. I put the following ingredients in for only a few minutes.

4 thinly sliced spring onions

1 large leek thinly sliced

Shredded duck leg

soy sauce to taste

walnut oil to taste

mirin to taste

honey to taste

handful of dried seaweed (pre-soaked in hot water)

handful of katsoubushi (dried smoked fish)

soft boil an egg (optional)


I like a nice dipping sauce on the side. I used soy sauce, orange juice and chopped ginger.

Enjoy, once you start, you wont stop!




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