LAMBS LIVER ras el hanout / golden beetroot / russian kale / honey

LAMBS LIVER                ras el hanout / golden beetroot / russian kale / honey


Well, a trip to the Wells market and the Wells Artisan Market was amazing on Saturday. It was the first Saturday I’ve had out of the kitchen in a long time but all i wanted to do was buy some great produce and cook. So i did. The fruit and veg market at the artisan market was fantastic. It was full of local and seasonal ingredients which any cook would be happy to see. A purple sweet potato? First time I’d seen one.

I decided to cook with Lambs liver as i think its an ingredient that’s been associated with nasty overcooked liver with bacon and mash. Treat it right and it makes a lovely dish. Just make sure you get fresh liver and don’t over cook it!

Serves 2

400g Lambs Liver

1 tsp Ras El Hanout (you can look up a mix of your own or guy a good quality pre-made mix such as Barts of Bristol)

2 Golden Beetroot

Approx 2 large handfuls of russian kale

Squeeze of runny honey

Splash of Chicken stock (or a stock jelly pack, not powder)

1st – If you like to, soak the liver in milk overnight. If the liver is good quality, I don’t tend to bother.

2nd – Clean the beetroots in a pan and cover with water. Boil and simmer until the beetroots are just soft. If you like a little bite in the beetroot like me then don’t cook as long. They will take at least an hour. Peal with your fingers and cut into segments.

3rd – Marinade the livers in the ras el hanout, salt, pepper and olive oil. Leave for at least a couple of hours

4th – Bring a large pan of water up to the boil. Add salt. Then blanch the kale for no more than a minute. Once it comes back to the boil, its done! Refresh it in cold water, iced if you can.

5th – Pan fry the beetroots, then add butter, the honey and a sprig of thyme if you have it and put the pan straight in the oven for around 30 mins at about 200 Celsius.

6th – Now you are ready, have a large heavy bottom pan as hot as you can make it and have a pan of boiling water at the boil.

7th – Add a little oil and the liver to the hot pan. Cook each side for around 30 seconds. Remove and let rest.

8th – Add the chicken stock, marinade juices and a touch of water to the liver pan.

9th – Drop the kale back into the water. It needs a minute max to heat through.

10th Plate.


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