Pan Fried Brown Trout, Buckwheat, Kohl Rabi, Raspberry & Maple Syrup Vinegrette

A very pleasant light lunch.

Yesterday I was walking around Bath and decided to buy a fish to make today. I chose a lovely looking fresh brown trout.

Serves 2

1 Brown trout, scales, filleted and pinboned.
100g Buckwheat, soaked in water for about an hour
1/2 a medium sized Kohl Rabi
200ml Raspberry Vineger
100g Sugar
3tbsp maple syrup

First I brought to the boil the raspberry vineger (keep back a 1/4 for the dressing at the end) and sugar. Remove from the heat and after a few minutes add the fine sliced Kohl Rabi. Cover and set aside. Remove after 30 minutes and disgard the liquer.

Bring a pan of water to the boil and drop the drained Buckwheat. Cook for a round 20 minutes until soft cooked. I like to leave a little bite.

Fry an onion with a little thyme, tarragon or chervil (whatever herb you might have lying around/).Add the strained cooked buckwheat until combined. Add salt and pepper and then the Kohl Rabi. Ideally add some chopped Parsley at this point and set aside.

Pan fry your Trout Fillets on a medium/high heat.

To make the dressing, mix the remaining vineger with the maple syrup. Check you have a nice balance and then add a little olive oil.

Bring it all together.


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